3 Rules to Kick Start Your Networking Efforts

Networking for a new job or client is easier said than done.

Too often, I take the easy road.

I blog. I tweet, I email.

Nothing happens.

Repeat cycle.

Nothing happens.

Do other people have the same experience?

Do we rely upon technology and social media because it is easy?

Are we afraid to do networking the old fashioned way?

Where do we start?

The good news for social media fans is that the solution does involve common tools like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

The key is to use these tools to build relationships offline, and not to use them simply to reinforce virtual conversations.

At the conclusion of each teleseminar or speech I give, I conclude with a call to action for all participants.

Last week I shared The Rule of Three.

If you are truly interested in kick starting your networking efforts and seeing meaningful results, I offer the following advice….

Every week:

1. Discover one new networking group or event (even if the date is in the future)

2. Meet two new people in person

3. Help three people in any capacity

Simple enough right?

I challenge you to give it a try over a one week period.

You may find successful networking to be a hard habit to break.

Please report back.  I’d love to share your story with others.

What are your thoughts or recommendations?


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About the Author

Brent Peterson, PMP, MS, MBA, is the founder of Interview Angel Inc, a company that offers a comprehensive guide and toolkit for job seekers to use in interviews.

Brent’s first customer was a father who purchased Interview Angel as a graduation gift for his daughter.  Since then, clients have included government workforce centers, university programs, and Goodwill Industries.  The product has also been used as an affordable outplacement solution for businesses going through layoffs.

The full Interview Angel toolkit is available for $59.95 and shipped nationwide. A digital version is also available for immediate download for $19.95.

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  • James Galon

    Dig the recommendations for sure… I will definitely try it out this week or at least put the principle in play to see how things go. 

  • Brent Peterson

    Thanks James. I’m confident you’ll see a difference following these weekly goals.  I’m sticking to it myself. It would be great to hear how it goes for you. -Brent

  • Sharon McLaughlin

    Brent,  Love the rule of three. They are easy steps to take and make networking less overwhelming for those trying to get in to the networking mode. The trick when you begin networking is not to let it overtake your life. I  have found that once you begin networking you very easily find out about other events and groups. I suggest regularly reviewing the networking groups/events you attend to reaffirm that they are meeting our needs/goals.

  • Brent Peterson

    Thanks Sharon.  Good advice on networking groups.  Are there any specific groups (like through LinkedIn) that you recommend?

  • Justinek

    I beg to disagree

    Social Media expert Martin Buckland has said you need to focus on creating your networking group online this includes the use of twitter, facebook, and blog.  He has been quoted as saying “Some people are so smart they can market themselves as a product both on-line, and off, others are so dumb”

    • Brent Peterson

      I concur it is a good idea to create a networking group online. I use twitter, facebook, linkedin, and my blog / newsletter. The key is to focus on quality of relationships, and not quantity.

  • PMP Training

    Nice post. They are simple steps to take and make social media less frustrating for those trying to get in to the social media mode. The secret to success when you start social media is not to let it surpass your life. I  have found that once you start social media you very find out about other events and groups.