Don't Say Hello in a Phone Interview

The other week, it happened again. I had scheduled a phone interview with a candidate at an exact time and date. So my phone call was to be expected. And when I placed the call to the number given, I expected the greeting on the other end to be at a minimum professional. Ideally, it would also be an immediate recognition of the appointment.

Why? Because it sets the right tone for the rest of this very important conversation.

Instead, I received the unfortunate and awkward "Hello".

After I paused to shake my head in disappointment, I had no choice but to ask the candidate (in this case, we'll call her Mary), "Hi, is this Mary?".

"Yes, it is" Mary replies. 

Another pause to shake my head in frustration and wait for her to say something else. Was the candidate even expecting my call?

Now, I had to really move the conversation forward.

"Hi, this is Brent Peterson from Interview Angel Inc."

"Oh, hi" Mary responds.

At this point, the critical first impression wasn't a good one because I had to do the phone call confirmation, and it felt that I was inconveniencing the candidate.

I then spoke up again. "Uh, hi. I was calling for our phone interview. I am assuming this is a good time to talk."

"Sure," Mary concludes.


Let's rewind the tape and walk through how the conversation should have been handled.

I place the call and the candidate picks up the phone:

"Hi, this is Mary Smith."

"Hi Mary, this is Brent Peterson from Interview Angel Inc."

"Hi, Mr. Peterson. I was expecting your call. Thank you for taking the time to talk with me today."


Let me provide some additional clarity on these two simple recommendations (Professional Greeting and Appointment Recognition).

1. Professional Greeting

In an office environment, there is a standard protocol for answering the phone. Typically, the greeting is something as simple as "Hello, this is Brent Peterson." Or it may be something more scripted such as "Thank you for calling the finance department. Brent Peterson speaking."

The reality is you probably know who is calling on the other end because virtually all phones are equipped with caller ID. And yet, you would still respond with a professional greeting primarly because you know it is a communication exchange between professionals.

The other reason you would answer professionally because you know a co-worker may be placing a call from someone else's extension. I'll confess I've made the false assumption before based on caller ID, and once you have made the mistake, it is a hard lesson. Let's just say, picking up the phone and saying "WAAAZZUUUUUUUUP?!?!?" in my best Budweiser imitation to a friend (based on caller ID) didn't sound so good when it was his boss making the call.

So if you are a job candidate, answer the phone as if you are already in the office.

"Hi, this is Mary Smith."

2. Appointment Confirmation

If you have a scheduled interview appointment with a recruiter or the hiring manager, be the first to acknowledge it on the phone. Appointment times can sometimes get mixed up. Don't wait for the person calling you to confirm the purpose of the call. When I call candidates, I expect the person to be expecting my call, and to be prepared for the conversation.

You can simply state, in a friendly but professional tone, you were expecting the person's call. Your next step is to immediately thank the person for taking the time to speak with you that day.
"Hi, Mr. Peterson. I was expecting your call. Thank you for taking the time to talk with me today."
(Note: My general rule of thumb is to address someone formally (e.g. Mr. or Ms.) in any interview setting until given permission to call them by their first name. Chances are, the person will quickly respond with something like, "Oh you can me Brent". Old fashioned chivalry can go a long way in a crowded job market.)

By following these two simple steps, you will start the conversation off on the right foot!

The good news for you is that most candidates fail to do so. Over the past 15 years for multiple organizations, I estimate that 75% of all candidates I have interviewed over the phone initiate that potentially life-changing career phone call just like a personal call from a friend.

And since I have you thinking about that commercial now, here are my favorites on YouTube:
3. The What are YOU Doing? Budweiser Commercial  (and yes, I take extreme humor in the fact that the first guy is named Brent :)


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jim dodd JMU 82 said on Aug 10,2009 at 12:28:54 PM
great points! I have interviewed many candidates over the phone and have had this happen more often than not.
Laura said on Aug 10,2009 at 2:08:07 PM
Hi Brent!

I hear you. In Marys case, it would have been such a great thing to hear just the slightest bit of enthusiasm in her call. Of course, phone screens are only the beginning of a process, but I can tell you right now that if she was going for a customer service or call centre role, she would not have made it to the face to face meeting.

Let's hope that Mary learns from her experience and puts a bit more gusto into her next phone screen.

My personal favourite is "I'm sorry, WHO is this?" ack!


Robert O'Brien said on Aug 10,2009 at 2:22:57 PM
Good advice for a purely professional environment. However, many times a phone interview is conducted when the candidate is in his/her own home. In those cases, the conventional "Hello" should be both used by the candidate and expected by the calling interviewer.

The candidate may be home rather than in the office for a number of reasons: (1) already on a scheduled vacation; (2) scheduled the day off in anticipation of the phone interview so as not to arouse suspicion among co-workers (especially likely -- and important -- in an open "bullpen" office situation); or (3) unemployed (or the more professionally correct "between jobs).

Even though I have Caller ID on my home phone, I've received professional calls -- including phone interviews -- where the number displayed did not match the one I have on record for the caller. In some cases they've called via their cell phones. In others from branch offices or other remote locations. And sometimes the display shows an 800-number, or "Private Caller," or "Out of Area." Experience has shown that in many cases such calls are highly unexpected and unwanted telemarketing calls. (Yes, I'm on the National Do Not Call List -- have been since its inception -- but that doesn't mean a thing to telemarketers.) I've received such calls, as well as unanticipated calls from friends or colleagues, at the very moment that I was expecting a professional call, a few of which have been phone interviews. If I were to answer with my name instead of the more informal "Hello," I'd have already tipped my hand and unwittingly invited the telemarketer to begin his or her spiel in trying to sell me lower interest rates or questionable home improvements. If I let the call roll to my voice mail or answering machine I'm sending a message to the caller that I'm not ready to take the call, or, worse yet, have forgotten it and am not at home.

I suggest Mr. Peterson lighten up a bit on this if he is calling the candidate's home or cell number. If he's calling the candidate's office number, however, a more professional greeting should be expected.
Evelyn said on Aug 11,2009 at 10:43:24 AM
Better to answer a friend or telemarketer professionally than to expect a potential employer to "lighten up". Besides, if you end up talking to a telemarketer you can always just hang up. In the current job climate it is often the little things that count.
setnaffa said on Aug 11,2009 at 11:51:13 AM
Like Robert said and x2 if it's a woman alone at home or x3 if the interviewer calls the candidate at work...
Susan B. said on Aug 11,2009 at 6:11:53 PM
I agree with Brent's recommendation because there is nothing wrong with answering your cell phone by saying "Hi, this is ......." in any environment, whether vacation, home, or office. Besides, if you are expecting a phone call from a prospective employer or recruiter at a specific time, you should find somewhere quiet to answer your phone, even if it is your parked car or a quiet stairwell. I don't think Brent is necessarily implying that a "Hello" will actually cost you the job, but that a professional greeting will make a more positive first impression. You are basically letting the person on the other end know that you are expecting their call and are prepared for the conversation.
Kathleen said on Aug 12,2009 at 4:54:06 AM
I agree that if contact time and date were prearranged, there's no excuse for the 'blank stare' type phone response. After all, that's what day planners are for. However, many people assume there's more information on caller ID than is actually there. Most of my calls now come in as unidentified, which is maddening in itself, and sometimes there's not even a phone number. As a single female I answer, "Hello, Kathleen speaking," as I don't want to be too forthcoming with personal information to an unknown caller. But when identity is established, I immediately brighten with "Hello! I was hoping you would call! Thank you!" and go from there. One thing I would like to suggest for people answering recruiter or company calls is to confirm a direct dial callback number. If it's on caller ID, verify it by repeating it. Sometimes company calls are made from extensions which cannot be redialed, and calling back using it results in getting lost in phone options at the company main trunk. Meanwhile, your contact is waiting impatiently for your call while you struggle with their phone system. Repeating the number insures you can establish quick connection should you need to move to a quieter location,(Due to obvious sound effects, NOT the bathroom!), or if your connection is dropped. For the recruiter, if a candidate has not called back within a reasonable amount of time, don't assume the worst of them, particularly if the interview was going well up until disconnect. Give benefit of the doubt.
John said on Aug 12,2009 at 6:19:20 AM
Man, wake up!

You really think you are the best, right? Why should a candidate act as you are his saver?

If you are a client, he is a client also. What do you offer? Why should he work for you?

He wants a job, but you want a good professional. It is a two way conversation.

Thanks God I'm very far and never will receive a call from you.
Debra said on Aug 12,2009 at 12:52:35 PM
To Mr. Robert O'Brien's comment I must ask, would it be such a terrible thing to answer a home telephone or cell phone in a professional manner while job hunting ? If folks calling your home can't appreciate that your on the job market, that's a problem. Hello, Mary Jones speaking is acceptable at home, cell or office. Mr. Petersen is exactly on target. Rather than his lightening up, I would recommend your tightening it up in a competetive job market - unless McD's is an option.
Steve, JMU '78 said on Aug 12,2009 at 1:54:50 PM
Brent has some good points. My son, JMU '09, is in the job market, and I'm definitely passing on the tips. Better to err on the side of caution if you are expecting a call from a prospective employer or you might just get a call relative to a resume you have on the street.
Mike said on Aug 13,2009 at 1:55:40 PM
It is very difficult and awkward situation to have phone interview, from both sides. But YOU are the professional who is capable to recharge awkwardness and fill it up with positivity and friendliness. That is why you are paid a big buck (or small I assume in your case) to make the connection between the employee and employer. And that is assumes to be engaging, enthusiastic and sometimes entertaining. Think about because of Mary’s shyness or whatever it is YOU STILL HAVE A JOB. And there is nothing wrong with using hello; it is a internationally accepted TELEPHONE GREETING has been created by Thomas Edison (WHATZUP is not a telephone greeting). So stop bitching about it, it is a part of your job.
said on Aug 14,2009 at 10:44:38 AM
In response to John's comments, I can only say, I sincerely hope that you are the competing candidate when I go for my next interview.
WAAAZZUUUUUUUUP with that?!?! said on Aug 15,2009 at 2:23:24 AM
Brittany said on Aug 25,2009 at 10:18:12 AM
I have undergone numerous telephone interviews with "Hello" as my greeting. What I have found to be the most impressive to employers is your ability to be as charismatic and engaging as you are intelligent and professionally qualified for the position. It is important that you are able to distinguish the line between professionalism and being pretentious which, depending on the employer, can be drawn at different points. Proper research into your potential employer will illustrate where that line is drawn and should be the blueprint for how you approach your interview. I do believe that it is necessary that interviewees use Mr. and Ms. but I do not believe that using "hello" is sufficient reason to dispell a job candidate.

I have been offered a job at every employer I have interviewed with; as a paralegal/legal secretary at several reputable law firms, general manager at a high end salon, and various positions with government agencies. I'm only 22. "Hello" is trivial; being able to convey how your personality, intellect, and skills will impact the company is what is most important.
said on Aug 26,2009 at 9:11:45 AM
"Oh you can me Brent".

I think this might just confuse the interviewer
Brent Peterson said on Aug 26,2009 at 7:10:35 PM
Thank you for all the comments here and in LinkedIn. My post was based on both my own experience (how I answered calls from recruiters and hiring managers as a job seeker), and on the feedback I continue to receive from other professionals. Saying simply "Hello" will never exclude any candidate. Ultimately, it is the entire phone conversation that matters. Hopefully, this one suggestion in this post will be of value to others. My best wishes to all.

Dev Anand said on Sep 1,2009 at 5:06:13 PM
"The other week, it happened again. I had scheduled a phone interview with a candidate at an exact time and date. So my phone call was to be expected".

Ok - I understood the frustration but there should always be exceptions: If anyone of the contributors want to be fair they will understand that EMERGENCY MEETINGS take place all the time.

I had phone call from Headhunters while in Meetings - how did you think I responded.

Let us not rush to judge or judgement.

Hope that those situations are one off.
ziv said on Sep 3,2009 at 9:33:51 AM
Thank you for posting this article.
There are some great tips here.
I found the examples to be very useful for phone interviews. In this competitive market, it is also important to make sure that your voice tone is well checked and you’re 100% concentrate.
said on Sep 3,2009 at 9:35:18 AM
You may also read -
said on Sep 3,2009 at 5:35:53 PM
The truth is i don't think i want to be hired by a company that would judge on such a superficial basis. Or at least i wouldn't want to run into the guy in control of HR on a regular basis. There are many more telling factors during the interview that will tell you how good a worker a person will be. Why judge someone at hello when it is the standard greeting. Do you want the person to lie the whole interview-- because I believe answering any other way than "hello" on a home phone would simply be fake.
Brent Peterson said on Sep 3,2009 at 6:44:29 PM
To respond to the last comment and the one from Dev, I know of no circumstances where candidates would be judged simply by how they answer the phone. It is the entire conversation that matters. My suggestion is simply to get the conversation off on the right foot, but a friendly Hello will not insult anyone. Hope that clarifies my recommendation.

Stephen Dolby said on Sep 11,2009 at 1:50:15 AM
Hi Brent,

To be fair, as you said in a later posting on here, the hello response will not count anyone out for a role. If it did, then obviously a talented person who had just had a minor incident happen prior to your call that distracted them sufficiently to be concerned about what had just happened would be screened out? In the real world all of us make mistakes and those that feel they do not are making the biggest mistake of all?
A touch of humility from everyone, even those that feel they are too important to ever be looking for a new post when they did not intend to, might make the world a nicer place. Might be worth a try - or are we robots and not human beings?
Madhavi said on Sep 11,2009 at 10:54:41 AM
Hello Mr Brent
This is one of the awesome article of yours. Thanks for sharing!
said on Sep 12,2009 at 5:21:07 PM
As long as the interviewee is not chewing gum or smacking on a hot piece of fried chicken, the interviewer should consider the entire conversation.
Mary said on Sep 17,2009 at 9:37:12 AM
Good Morning Mr. Peterson,

I would like to thank you for your suggestion on phone interviews. I'm new to this field of "in between jobs" after 11 years with the same employer. The information you provided will be helpful as I continue my search for a new career.

Thank you very much for sharing and for your personal time.

asdf said on Oct 29,2009 at 5:49:32 AM
I cannot agree with many of the points. It would be great in some utopia, but we are not living in one.

We have telemarketers, and many many other people we don't like and want to hurt us calling us and abusing telephone all the time.

It is therefore common that when answering an unknown phone call, a person would just answer "hello"

I think it is a mistake on your part, that you have asked her who it is, without introducing yourself first. It is supposed to be a bidirectional conversation, and you have hesitated introducing yourself - a mistake that in your example you wouldn't make. So it's a bit hipocrytical from this standpoint.

I understand that the person should have expected the call, but still...

Also, it is bidirectional satisfaction. Interviewd person is not a slave and interviewee is not a master. Both sides should behave as professional as possible and both sides should have similar offers. If you call and expect them to "thank you for taking time to talk to her today", then well... I would never would want to participate in your interview - since this tells me about company culture. That i am not going to be an employee, but a slave. a machine that should be thankful that it is allowed to breathe...
Still Waiting said on Jan 7,2010 at 11:24:47 AM
I just got stood up for a phone interview-how professional is that? The company contacted me requesting an interview! Now I've wasted half a day sitting by the phone waiting for the call ... I think I'll just say hello if the interviewer actually calls me...
Gary said on Jan 9,2010 at 12:57:18 PM
I've had several phone interviews where I was given a teleconferencing number an conference code to dial rather than a direct call to/from an individual. It makes the initial contact a bit more awkward since it isn't obvious who happens to connect to the call first. It also strikes me that there is no way to know if there are additional people listening in to the conversation on mute. I treat these calls as if I'm the one being called and announce myself to see if I'm the first one to connect or not.
jump said on Jan 12,2010 at 3:56:29 PM
I also was stood up for a pre-arranged phone interview! I specifically moved my schedule to accomodate the interviewer and she never called. When I tried to contact to reschedule the interview, I received no response. How unprofessional is that?
Job Hunter said on Feb 20,2010 at 5:33:02 PM

Good write up...but I am wondering if you could shed some light..on...

Why a recruiter from a prospective employer would not call the candidate on a scheduled interview date and time.

..and candidate calls back after 15 mins of waiting for the call...then phone call goes into voice mail (cell and desk),..and candidate sent the email note..(with positive spin),

" I am wondering if we plan to have this call today or need to reschedule this interview".

but so no response to this email either...?

so could you suggest based on your recruiting experience...why would this would have had happended..?
Free Calls said on Oct 20,2010 at 8:24:05 PM
Thats a nice article as i am going through interviews these days.
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Patrick said on Mar 7,2011 at 11:03:47 AM
This is the sort of completely inmaterial fluff that makes most HR people completely worthless. They spend time weeding out candidates based on things that absolutely don't matter to me like how they answer the phone or how they address their cover letters, instead of information about their actual skills and abilities. And unless the position is for a secretary, no the way you answer the phone or the salutation of your cover letter is in no way important.
will said on Apr 4,2011 at 1:24:03 PM
Right on, Patrick. An utterly worthless article written by a complete douche.
said on Apr 5,2011 at 9:04:19 PM
The problem with HR folks is that they need to STEP OFF from their Ivory Towers and BE HUMANS! Being professional and having good manners are important characteristics but NOT TREATING HRs AS GODS! YOU ARE REALLY NOT ONE. LESS CONCERNS WITH TREATING YOU HRs as gods AND MORE ATTENTION TO THE INTERVIEW CONTENT AND CANDIDATE'S EXPERIENCE. period.
Ala' said on Apr 24,2012 at 12:50:31 PM
That w the best advice I have ever had !
Thank you very much ! :)
Lea said on May 3,2012 at 11:53:06 AM
I personally think you are nitpicking and being too harsh about something which is rather superficial and irrelevant. People are human and some people have a bit of anxiety, which makes them seem a little awkward at first. Not everyone is going to automatically know that you view answering the phone with "hello" (a standard phone greeting) as blatantly unprofessional. I personally would never have thought that myself, and I have never once in my life been accused of being unprofessional.
I think if you have such specific expectations over such little things, you could be costing yourself good employees.
ssd said on May 15,2012 at 7:01:48 AM
I usually thank the interviewer at the end for taking the time to talk to me ...if I thanks them at the start of the call how do i then end our call on a pleasant note
Di said on May 25,2012 at 5:29:38 AM
I think you made some good points. But my favorite GAFF of HR is when they call you about a job and then you call them back and they sudden go into hiding mode. I guess you guys like lording power over people who do not sit by the phone salivating like Pavlov's dogs.
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said on May 31,2012 at 12:33:12 PM
Great comments. However, as a professional you might consider proofreading your entry a bit closer. "You can me Brent" is not cool.
Kris said on Jul 2,2012 at 11:40:21 AM
I just had my first interview today. I did some research on the area, looked up tips for interviews, and lastly phone ettiquette. I came across this page and found it to be really useful. I actually kept this up along with a couple other useful pages for when my phone rang! With this right in front of my face, I had an instant reminder of how to answer and it went smoothly! Then I switched to the page with questions that are good to ask during an interview! Anyway, this was very helpful and I appreciate the time being taken to post it!
Neal said on Jul 3,2013 at 8:43:33 PM
I think the opinion presented is BS. Come on man! If this is your main concern...than I would want no part of the organization you represent...actually if this is a concern to you at all you have too much time on your hands. People being interviewed have enough to stress about! Grow up!
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David said on Nov 18,2013 at 5:55:35 PM
The guy that wrote this is some HR stooge that needs to get over himself. My experience with phone interviews is that most companies that conduct interviews in that manner are lazy and not worth working for. If you want serious candidates you should take your hiring process serious and have face to face interviews. Awkwardness is just a part of dealing with people over the phone. Get over yourself douchebag. A monkey can do your job.
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