20 Tips for Building Your Brand on Twitter

Since I started using Twitter last year, I've learned a few things (ok, a lot of things).  I am grateful for the positive example set by so many professionals I've met through Twitter.

Whether you are promoting your business or your credentials as a job seeker, here are 20 Tips for Building Your Brand on Twitter:

1. Don't Sell A Thing

This one is important. Using Twitter is about paying it forward not paying it backward to yourself. Don't get me wrong.  I applaud every busines owner out that offers products and services of value, and makes a living doing so.  You deserve to make money.  You need to make money to support your family, create jobs, and contribute to your community.

Just don't use Twitter to insert a sales pitch every 8th tweet.  Your intentions become quite transparent.  Instead, use Twitter with the simple mindset of offering content of value, promoting (and connecting) other people, and showing gratitude.

In networking situations offline, the most appreciated and effective participants are those that serve as matchmakers at an event (even if they just met each person!). Use the same approach on Twitter.

A consistent approach of paying it forward will do more for your business than you can imagine.

2. Be Your Own Voice

Social media is about creating a personal connection with your colleagues, customers, and fans.  People want the authentic you, not a hired intern to tweet for you.  If you (or your CEO) do not have time to tweet, that’s fine. Just don’t pretend it’s you.

President Obama dropped a social media bombshell recently in China when he indicated he has never used Twitter (in spite of the fact that tweets from @barackobama were a key component of a very successful social media campaign leading up to the election).  I think it’s ok to give the President a waiver on this one. For the rest of us, it's important to be your own voice on Twitter.

3. Use a Real Picture

Just like on LinkedIn, it’s hard to make a personal connection with a logo or someone's pet:


Profiles done right:

4. Don’t Be a Social Media Expert

Mashable recently reported that over 15,000 profiles are marked as social media experts.  Based on current growth, there will be 30 million social media experts on Twitter by this time 2012.  In other words, everyone is an expert at social media.  There are indeed social media experts out there and their credentials are reinforced by their books, blogs, and businesses.  Unless social media is your business, my recomendation is profile your niche (e.g. project management, career development) and demonstrate social media proficiency. 

5. Produce Your Own Content

Starting your own blog is critical (and super easy) for any professional. Taking the time to research and write your own articles will do more for your personal brand and credentials than probably anything else. It takes work, but once you get into a weekly rhythm, it is a lot of fun.

My best advice for content: Make it quick to read and actionable.

6. Add the Retweet Button to Your Blog Post

You’ve seen the Retweet Button at the top of most blog posts:

The key is to embed the code for this button in your blog post that retweets your Twitter handle, not the generic @tweetmeme handle. It is the third option noted on this link.

7. Make Your Latest Article Your Profile Link

If you make your latest blog post your Twitter website link, new followers will immediately discover the value of your content. It also increases the probability of your most recent article getting re-tweeted by new followers.


8. Help Others

Search Twitter for questions people are asking, and if you are in a position to help, please do so. Don’t just look for questions in your field. I always remember (and recommend) good people who simply respond to questions I may have about movies, the start time of a game, or where to eat in a new city. 


(Oh, and still waiting to see Avatar.  Up In The Air was very good though.)

9. Ask Questions

Asking questions is a great way to engage new people every day.  When someone responds professionally, do not forget to acknowledge the person publically with another tweet.


10. Tweet Often But Not With Rapid Fire

Nobody appreciates someone who floods their twitter feed with a new tweet every 30 seconds. You may be a very interesting person, but nobody likes the person either who walks into a party and does not let anyone get in a word edgewise.     

11.  Turn Off Auto Direct Message!

Be a real person, not a bot when someone follows you on Twitter.  For further discussion, here are my 5 reasons why Auto DMs hurt your brand on Twitter.

12.  Add Twitter to Your Email Signature and Business Card

Important tip: Make sure your twitter handle is “clickable” in your email signature:

Brent Peterson
Interview Angel Inc.

I also highly recommend you include your twitter signature at the end of any article your write.  When I read a great post that is re-tweeted by someone else, I try to determine what is the twitter handle of the author so I can thank that person publically as well.  For additional ideas, here are 20 Twitter badges for your website or emails.

13.  Integrate Twitter With Your LinkedIn Profile

Recent developments between Twitter and LinkedIn have made this process seamless and very easy to setup.

14.  Integrate Twitter With Your Facebook Account

I recommend Selective Twitter so that only tweets that have the tag #fb feed into your Facebook account.

15.  Use Tweets That Get Noticed

Benchmarking some of the top social media experts on Twitter, here are 7 tips to get your tweets noticed and re-tweeted.

16.  Tweet About… Twitter!

A recent report (which I promise to add once I track it down) showed that tweets about Twitter are the most re-tweeted!  So if you have great suggestions about using Twitter that can help people, be sure to write about it.  I can say anecdotally that my articles and tweets about using Twitter are the most re-tweeted.

17.  Give Thanks on Twitter

A sense of reciprocity is what I like about Twitter the most.  Not sure how to say thanks on Twitter?  Here are 8 simple suggestions.

18.  Don’t Build Your Follower Count with Sharks

If building your brand on Twitter involves following thousands of spammers your first week so they follow you back, you are doing yourself more harm than good.  I often wonder if the owners of some of the firms I have seen with 15K followers their first week on Twitter know with whom their "social media experts" or consultants are associating the business.

You can tell by their Twitter page alone because Twitter displays icons for the most recent 36 accounts followed.  Some of the icons are so inappropriate, I immediately know this is a business that doesn't get it (or has some other issues altogether).

19.  Retweet the Little Guy

I’ll confess that I first look for articles on Twitter that are posted by people who have lower follow counts.  I can always count on other people to re-tweet the latest post from top social media resources that have followers in the hundreds of thousands or even millions.

I feel it is analogous to walking into a party and shouting, “Hey, did you hear what Ashton had to say?” And everyone shouts back, “Tell us something we don't already know!”  

20.  Measure Your Reputation by Twitter Lists

You are already know any spammer can have tens of thousands of followers almost instantly. It doesn’t mean the person has any positive brand or reputation whatsoever. Ignore them. Instead, measure your growing brand by the number of Twitter Lists you are on.

Here are my 7 tips to be properly recognized on more Twitter Lists.


 What other suggestions do you have?

Thanks for sharing!



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Randy Pound said on Jan 11,2010 at 7:46:06 AM
Thanks Brent. That was very usesul information. I found some things I'm doing right, and things I need to, and will improve. Randy
FlashBurst Media said on Jan 11,2010 at 11:38:19 AM
Really great post, Brent. Thanks for sharing. A lot of companies will benefit from this advice!
Stephen Moegling said on Jan 12,2010 at 9:27:49 AM
Excellent article--will use and share!
Terri Andrews said on Jan 15,2010 at 8:03:31 AM
Great article! Ditto Randy Pound's comment about doing some things right and needing to improve others!
vicki said on Jan 20,2010 at 11:28:51 AM
Excellent post, Brent, passed this on to our social media coordinator- good stuff!
Jason said on Mar 12,2010 at 6:40:42 AM
Some of the solutions you offer can be done different ways. Example the "retweet this" badge can also be done by share it on your blog. That's what I have. Do you think it matters? I might be splitting hairs.
Brent Peterson said on Apr 23,2010 at 7:55:37 PM
Hi Jason. It doesn't matter. I like your idea. There are definitely many ways to stand out.
Dans said on Jul 27,2010 at 1:20:30 AM
thank you.
twitter said on Sep 3,2010 at 7:52:23 PM
Apart from being a social networking site, Twitter is now being used for promotional work and even job hunting. Now it is not just limited to fun part. When you try to sell a thing, it should not be limited to just selling the product. The contents of the Tweets should have some value in them. Always have your own photo for the display image. So that people can connect with you easily. Always write your own tweets.
Mark said on Sep 3,2010 at 7:53:19 PM
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