Most Depressing Job Ever?

I’m an office desktop dweller, but as a child I never dreamed I would be staring at a computer screen for the majority of my career.  Did anyone?  I dreamed of hitting home runs for the Baltimore Orioles (that didn’t work out) or acting on a Broadway stage (that didn’t quite work out either).

Fast forward to 2010 and it appears the toy design folks at Little Tikes are conditioning kids to a life in a cubicle.

Say hello to the The Young Explorer workstation (aka “Baby’s First Cubicle”).

Colorful desk area and bench.  Matching cabinets.  19″ Widescreen Flat Planel LCD Monitor.  External Speakers. 160GB Hard Drive.  Ethernet Connection.

Plus custom software.  All for $2600.00.  For a child.

One parent review perhaps perfectly captured the emotion:

“Great, I love the product, however, I do think that it is training my kids to be drones in cubicles when they turn into adults, they should want more than that, I’m a lawyer and my partner is an engineer, so we frown upon the cubical concept.”

Popular tech gadget website Gizmodo asked if Baby’s First Cubicle was the “Most Depressing Toy Ever?”

Good question indeed.

I would like to think any person who is fortunate to have a good job these days is feeling blessed to sit behind a desk.  Any desk.

(If not, they should read the story of people like Bari Rubin who has been out of work for over 99 weeks.)

I do get depressed though if I’m inactive for more than one hour.

How do I escape the walls of cubicle nation?

I follow a few rules..

1. If I start a conversation on the phone with someone who is the same building, I quickly offer to meet that person face to face.

2. If the person is located elsewhere, I use a wireless headphone to pace around as I talk.

3. I drink a lot of water (over 100 ounces a day) so I know I always have to get moving for one reason.

What tips do you have to stay active?

Do you imagine yourself  at a desk for your entire career?

Thoughts on the plastic Young Explorer workstation?

Thanks and Cheers to a Healthy Career!


About the Author

Brent Peterson, PMP, MS, MBA, is the founder of Interview Angel Inc, a company that offers a comprehensive guide and toolkit for job seekers to use in interviews.

The purpose of Interview Angel is to take the fear out of job interviews.  Customer testimonials for the Interview Angel product are posted online for additional reference.

Brent’s first customer was a father who purchased the Interview Angel toolkit as a graduation gift for his daughter.  Since then, clients have included government workforce centers, business school programs, a corporation going through a merger, and Goodwill Industries.

To further fight unemployment in our country, Brent matches customer purchases with an equal product donation to non-profit organizations Career Gear and Dress for Success.

So one product investment changes two lives.

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  • Karen Bice

    Brent, the $2,600 price for the kid workstation is mindboggling in itself. Who thinks these things up, especially in this economy? Call me naive, but this is beyond the pale. If I had been drinking something when I saw the pricetag, I would have spewed it. :)

  • Brent Peterson

    Hi Karen.

    I had the same thought… $2600. Who would pay that? I’m thinking a person could pick up 4 laptops at that price point. I guess there is a market for everything.